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Crows Sometimes Have Sexual Intercourse Using Their Dead

Crows Sometimes Have Sexual Intercourse Using Their Dead

It could get aggressive.

Swift, whom studies bird behavior during the University of Washington, had formerly shown that crows conduct “funerals” by collecting across the corpses of the peers. Now a film crew had come to fully capture russian brides club this behavior.

Just as if on cue, another crow alighted for a nearby branch and gazed during the cadaver beneath it. In the place of cawing from afar, it flew down and approached your body. Swift wasn’t expecting that, and she undoubtedly wasn’t anticipating the crow to droop its wings then, erect its tail, and strut in how crows just do when they’re planning to mate. And as expected, the living bird mounted the dead one.

Crows, like the majority of wild birds, do not have penises. Rather than penetrative intercourse, they just bring ports beneath their tails into contact. For this, a male requirements to swivel their end beneath a female’s, but because the crow that is dead lying belly straight straight down, that has been impossible. “It was like viewing a young child sitting on an item of cardboard and attempting to select it,” Swift claims. “It was thrashing about awkwardly.”

As Swift recounted this in a blog post called “Putting the ‘crow’ in necrophilia,” someone on the film crew earnestly asked if the living crow was giving the stuffed one CPR week. She and her supervisor, John Marzluff, exchanged glances, shook their minds, and left “the term ‘copulation’ to hold awkwardly floating around.” So when the surprise subsided, the set started preparing experiments to learn just just how crow that is common really is, and exactly why it takes place. “What better individuals to have this occur to than a couple of of experts,” she explained. (more…)