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Joe Sebok Sextortionists Sentenced to Multi-Year Prison Terms

Joe Sebok Sextortionists Sentenced to Multi-Year Prison Terms

It was right back this year, and poker professional and TV commentator Joe Sebok was winding out of his poker job anyway, as a result of number of bad expert decisions, or just due to not winning enough money, according to who you ask. It was not over yet, but the writing ended up being on the wall. Within the midst of that chaos, Tyler Schrier, 23, hacked into Sebok’s email account, where he found some Anthony Weiner-esque pics and intimate emails, and contacted Sebok, threatening to create the pictures if Sebok (and apparently many others whom had been equally scantily clad and effusive in their penned ideas) did not pay up hundreds of thousands of dollars in blackmail payments to Schrier.

Fast Forward to Now

Now Schrier and his cohort, Keith James Hudson, 39, have been sentenced due to their crimes, such as conspiracy, extortion, unauthorized access up to a protected computer, hacking, and stealing information that is personal.

Schrier received a 42-month phrase after pleading responsible; part of his plea deal included admitting that he additionally extorted $26,000 from other pro poker players an additional similar scenario (the other players remain unnamed for the time being). Oh, and while free on bond after he ended up being charged in this instance, real to create, Schrier illegally accessed several more email accounts, and information that is using those accounts, went on to steal close to $4,000 th (more…)

Galaxy Gaming CEO Reassures Shareholders After Regulatory Denial

Galaxy Gaming CEO Reassures Shareholders After Regulatory Denial

A casino that is nevada-based games developer, maker and distributor is trying to reassure worried shareholders after the company’s California ‘suitability doing company’ rights were revoked by that state’s Gambling Control Commission recently.

Defending Page

Galaxy Gaming CEO Robert Saucier has sent out a four-page missive to investors, claiming that all the presssing issues decried by the California regulators in their decisions stemmed from a ‘predecessor entity that ceased business procedure in 2009 and dissolved. The procedures failed to directly involve Galaxy,’ Saucier went on, adding that ‘it is business as usual [at Galaxy ] as we continue to produce our products and services without the interruption.’

With Galaxy doing a lot of its business in the Golden State specially with many tribes that are indian have casinos Saucier desired to ensure customers and investors that Galaxy’s ‘gaming permit with California tribes is unchanged and in good standing. Likewise, our status in every other jurisdictions we serve is additionally unchanged and remains in good standing. In fact, we continue steadily to seek and acquire new licenses and approvals in additional jurisdictions,’ the letter went on to say.

Conflicting Tales

And this is where things get, um, a little perplexing. All evidence points to the contrary because while Saucier emphatically states in his letter that the California Gambling Control Commiss (more…)

Top 5 Things Admission Counselors Do On The Road

Top 5 Things Admission Counselors Do On The Road

Throughout the fall of each school 12 months, I travel…a lot. I wake up early, catch flights across the country, and search the Hertz parking great deal for rental cars with backup cameras. During this time, we’m hardly ever at my desk, I’m meeting a great deal of awesome pupils, and learning about the cool and exciting things pupils are doing. However when I’m not on an airplane or at the rental automobile countertop, right here’s what I’m probably doing…

  1. Interviews and Receptions and High class visits

Check your senior high school’s hallways for our visit posters. You should see our poster outside your counseling office if we are coming to your school over the next couple of weeks. We will additionally be doing Discover USC presentations on campus and throughout the United States and abroad.

  1. Hoarding Pens

If there is certainly one thing you should bring with that you school that is high, it’s a pen. We will offer you one thing to write on, but we do not give you one thing to compose with. We give some pretty useful information at these visits, so it’s generally helpful to write down a few notes. Last week I visited schools in southern Virginia. I started the week with about ten pens that are extra ended with two.

  1. Responding to questions

We fork out a lot of time questions that are answering we travel (and really through the entire year.) But, when our company is on the road, this is our central mission. We (more…)